TutuAPP VIP APK Download for Android & iOS with Pokemon GO

Hello Friends today in this post i will talk about the how we can Download tutuapp vip version free of cast.. so if you want to know that how you can download tutuhelper vip ver free then i request you please read this post till the end, and the end you can download tutuhelper vip ver free of cost. so let’s start

TutuApp VIP is highly trending these days but many of us do not know what actually it is or how to download TutuApp APK for free, what boasts does it substantiate and how can it be helpful for you? TutuApp English form will help the entire world to understand this app. So details of the section is being written to solve your queries.

What is Tutu Helper VIP

It is nothing but an alternative to your smartphones who are looking for free games, downloading is not too difficult but it are as follows few easy gradations as you go down.

It is not any fake website, it is the official version which provides the crack for the games.it has originally been established in pottery. It is a Chinese version of an app collect, you can download “the worlds largest” veering competitions from this amazing TutuApp.

It is realized in the Chinese conversation, but people were meeting it difficult to use and so the developer changed its language to English with the app mention “Tutu Helper VIP ” IOS AND ANDROID TUTUAPP HELPER

                             TUTUAPP APK

Last Updated : 12th November, 2018


                      TUTUAPP APK INFO                           

NameTutTuapp APK
Latest Version3.4.9
Updated On4 March, 2018
Size4.44 MB
Total Downloads500 million
RequirementAndroid 4.0 & above.

Download Tutuapp Apk File

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Tutu App Pockeman Go


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How to Use TutuApp? Step-by-Step Guide to Install TutuApp

How to Use TutuApp As We Know That This is best application for downloading Apk. this is morn usefull and you can say another alternative of google play store, today in this tutorial i will provide you that how you can install tutuapp easyly in your mobile phone.

Tutu is a 3rd party app that stores tons of applications available for use on iOS and Android scaffolds. Instead of jailbreaking your design for facility, nonetheless, users can simply install these apps via your mobile device.

Similar to TweakBox, and AppValley, Tutu hosts applications that ought to have tweaked or modified for user penchant. Many of the apps held in Tutu are free versions of an application that you must often pay for.

Tutu peculiarities tons of plays, journals, streaming apps, music, and much more.

this is a One of the most popular downloads available within Tutu is Kodi. Tutu has two versions of Kodi in it’s App Store moving it perfect for those with newer iOS devices.

If you would like to learn How To Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad via TweakBox, click the link below 😛


How to Use TutuApp

If you would like to learn How To Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad via TweakBox, click the link below 😛

The Tutu App is fitted with tweaked or modified applications that will continue you occupied for hours on end. Installing apps ver Tutu is as simple as installing from other App Store Like ( Google Playstore And Morn Like that ). Please Only Use the Categorie( which is explained in detail bellow) to find your preferred app what you finding.


Once you have made a assortment, click the Get Button. While downloading, you are able to view advancement using the Manager Tab can be found on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

When finished, your device will ask you  if you would like to Install. Click Install.

Reminder: Prior to downloading any applications via Tutu, make sure your device has enough storage room. You can find Storage Space under Settings.

If you see  any other  pop-up ads, simply click the x(cut) button

Useing  TutuApp is very  simple as your phone or any other app. You do not require any specific assistance or tool to utilize this app. Here is the setep of Tutuapp installation to assist you better with this.

As i already mentioned  our introduction that this app is available for both android and IOS users. Here is the process to Download TutuApp 🙂

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Tutu App Pockeman Go

How To Install Tutu App on iPhone/iPad/Android/PC


Now Let’s Know How we can install Tutu App


  • First of all  your iPhone or iPad or Android, go to https://pc.tutuapp.com/en-us within the Safari Browser or You Can use Another Broweres
  • Now Click On Download
  • Now You Show a Popup , Click on  Install
  •  Exit Safari and return to the home screen
  • Open Settings tab and scroll down and  select General
  • Scroll down and Click Device Management
  • Click the text located underneath ENTERPRISE APP
  • Click Trust and give permission “China Television Information” (Yours may can read something different)
  •  When Popup Show You, Click on Trust

Tutu app Installtion is now complete. Now You can use the app from your device’s home-screen and browse for applications!

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