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   TutuApp iOS : Hello Friends as We are all know how easy it comes to download third party apps and competitions on Android mobiles. ? if you’ve used and iOS device, you will know verywell  the limit of app security in iOS devices.

Tutuapp is a third-party app store that won’t charge you a single penny for giving away the wealth of premium membership  applications. Nonetheless, there is no indecision saying that we all opt starving for free apps instead of spending the hard earned fund buying them.


TutuApp for iOS is also called  like as Tutu VIP Helper or Tutu iOS Helper. The app claims itself as best available iOS aid which is 100% true. Tutu is the only app for iOS that affords free apps, plays without jailbreak or Apple ID. To users who don’t know, Jailbreaking is a technique to include certification to each third party app which we want to install on our iOS design. If any app doesn’t have certification, it isn’t allowed to be installed. Tutu iOS Helper affords a flexible lane to download free games for iOS without jailbreaking and Apple ID.


TutuApp VIP

TutuApp VIP is a third party app store developed under a Chinese based firm. this is  one of the best alternatives for the Apple App Store. It enclose most of the apps available on the Apple App Store. It also has all the paid apps on the official app accumulate but guess what? It has all of them for free. Yes, you heard it. TutuApp charge no money  for downloading the same apps you are asked to pay for on the Apple app store. Isn’t that enormous? If you’re surprised already, I would ask you to hold on because TutuApp also has modified and hacked different versions of official recreations like TutuApp Android Pokemon Go available on its market. This becomes the TutuApp iOS one of best available apps available for purposes of the iOS scaffold right now.

Features of TutuApp

  • Imparting away the full access to the treasure of paid apps and recreations for free is one of the most notable features of the Tutuapp .
  • Hitherto another best available the specific characteristics of the third party app accumulation is it doesn’t ask beginning access to Android or jailbreak on iOS inventions .
  • Tutuapp is small in size. Thus, it won’t swallow up much of your storage .
  • The built-in cache and recognition cleansers play a significant role in keeping your device free from trash and temporary records that are normally could lead to lagging and slowdown of the processor .
  • It has the straightforward hitherto beautiful used face that won’t let you face a few problems while steering through the app .
  • You can also obligate your profile by clicking on the Profile icon in the left-right corner. In Personal Centre , you will get various options where you can check updates, consider your collection, and customize the app employing Settings option and a lot more to do .
  • It got a Search saloon at the upper part of the interface, spawning the entire process more straightforward to address the’ Recommended apps ,” Recommended Recreation ‘, and’ What’s Popular .’
  • Tutuapp has its own Download Management invoice where you can check for the Download Tasks andUpdates for the apps and tournaments .
  • You can also sort the apps and competitions ranking by Global , selecting your desired country .
  • The one-click download is emphatically going to fascinate you to a exceedingly extent .

TutuApp iOS Download

TutuApp download iOS is now regrettably inaccessible officially on the Apple app store as it contravenes some of Apple’s terms and conditions. Nonetheless, it is completely safe to use for consumers if downloaded via its official website. Here is how you can download it off the official website.

You can also check: TutuApp for PC.


Tutu Helper supports iOS 7-11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 



Once installation of Tutu Helper app is accomplished it will show” Untrusted Developer “. To define it Navigate to Settings> General> Device Management >” Beijing Founder Electronics Co. Ltd”}

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